Sunday, March 28, 2010

mr and mrs ryan reedy.

four friendship years. twelve dating months. eight engaged months.
...and on the sweet eve of march 27th, these two become one.
our sweet little barwick street group celebrates this season that has been full of pursuit, growth, laughter, and joys. ryan stepped into the scene spring/summer of 2008 and life as mary knew it was never the same. he pursued her as any Godly man would, and patiently walked alongside mary as they watched the Lord reveal His plan.
"he is before all things and in him all things hold together"
colossians 1:17

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

dreams come true.

it's time that i share the news with more detail!

after a couple days to process and absorb this insanely wonderful news, i feel it's time to write an update so that everyone i know and love can be fully informed of the details of my engagement to the wonderful mr. ryan roberts. he is the man of my dreams. the most wonderful blessing the Lord could have given me. he makes me better, just like it says in Ephesians 5:25-27. he sacrifices for me in such a way that it makes me feel loved and cherished, which in turn makes me thrive in this life. his sacrifices are sincere and God has made him to love me. he challenges me to know the Lord word and in deed. what a joy to know this is the man God created for me!

so, the master plan took effect about three weeks ago when ryan reese called and invited me and ryan to charleston to have dinner with him and anna. this phone call actually took place at the request of ryan effort to get me to charleston...without my being "suspicious". this i did not know until much later when all the truth was revealed!! so we enjoyed a wonderful evening with the reeses. that night we went to bed with plans to wake up slowly and enjoy a day in charleston. and then about 5:30 saturday morning i received my wake up call: "come on jenn, let's go have some quiet time". so we get ourselves together and head towards the beach. with time to spare we listened to worship songs in the car and waited on the perfect time to step out and see the sun rise. we stood in front of God's creation and were in awe of what was before us. while we watched, we listened to a favorite worship song of ours that reminds us of God's greatness, yet how intimately he loves each of us. with that, we took a seat in the sand and continued to marvel at the goodness and greatness of the Lord. some time later, ryan pulled out a bible with my new name on it and handed it to me, asking me, "what is your favorite verse of all time". without hesitation i said lamentations 3:22-23, "the steadfast love of the Lord endures forever; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness". ryan then said, ok well open it...let's read it. and the bible quickly fell to that very passage (a very intentional move on ryan's part...knowing what verse i would choose...and wanting to use that in this story is so sweet to my heart!). it was bookmarked and as i absorbed this part, ryan was moving towards one knee to tell me of his love for me, his desire to serve me and love me forever, and his wishes to have me be his wife. saying will you marry me, of course i said yes, and then he said "well let's try it on". having NO clue that the ring he picked for me was tied on the bookmark of the bible, sitting right there on top of my favorite verse of all time. such a sweet surprise. so he put it on my finger and we read the passage together. it was such a sweet time together.

after enjoying the moment for several minutes, ryan looks over his shoulder and makes a motion. i look back and see my roommate nicole and other dear friend elizabeth ann HIDING in the sand dunes. they had been there the whole time taking pictures and waiting to come out and congratulate us! so they ran out with camera in one hand and gifts in the other. we celebrated together, took pictures, and laughed at all the scheming that had taken place behind my back or the last several weeks. i was totally clueless to it all...which makes it such a fun surprise that i will always cherish.

after a fun breakfast, rehashing all the details together, we made plans to "break" to shower and then come back together for lunch. we went back to the reeses, celebrated with them, made phone calls to some people and planned to head out towards lunch about 11ish. when we got in the car and headed towards what i thought was "east bay deli"...and then we pulled into the parking lot of california dreaming i was asking all sorts of questions. typical jenn not having a clue of what's going on. but we pull up, get out, walk inside...and as i'm walking towards the table i see my parents...AND ryan's parents...sitting at a big table waiting for our arrival! it was the biggest surprise ever and super sweet knowing that ryan wanted all the families to be involved and included. we enjoyed lunch together a sweet time to meet families and share our morning with everyone. it was a morning to remember for sure!!

that's the sum of it. but i was surprised around every corner. and it was the greatest day of feeling such in the center of God's will, knowing with every fiber of my being that the Lord prepared this special someone just for me...and as He saw fit...he allowed us to meet...and then share in such a sweet day together on march 6, 2010. we have been praying about a summer wedding and will know very soon about that plan. when details are finalized you will know everything, but for now pray with us. pray that the Lord's day for us will be revealed. that He will continue to remain in the center. and that we will continue to know one another one another better...and seek to glorify the Lord in all aspects of our relationship. first in dating. now in engagement. eventually in marriage. we are praying and asking and expecting big things. God made beauty from ashes. He restored broken things. He renewed hearts and minds. we are humbled at His faithfulness. and we know...because we have trusted AND tasted...that "His steadfast love endures forever; His mercies never cease; they are new every morning; He is so faithful".
(lamentations 3:22-23)

thanks for sharing in our joy. we are humbled and grateful.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

dreams come true. a preview.

mr. ryan roberts asked me to be his wife. today. march 6, 2010. during a charleston sunrise. with a bible.

a question. a ring. and many fun surprises!

see pictures for a preview. stay tuned for a story and details!

Monday, March 1, 2010


snapshots from the two month sabbatical
(see previous post for explanation)...

this is me and frank at the tattoo parlor. can you see how proud he is...sitting there thinking that he had the power to lead me to do such a crazy thing!? :) in fact, it was my idea. after thinking about it, the Lord really laid the word "hope" on my heart...and in the meantime i began exploring options for getting a "jersusalem cross" on my body. as crazy as it sounds, it is one of the coolest things i have done...because i know what it means. and i look at it every day and i just smile..because when i see it, i think of hope. i think of the hope i have in Christ and the promises that He has given me to restore, renew, and redeem. He showed me that during a dark season and i reflect on it with hope because of the redemption found in Him.
7.5 years ago when i began my career as a special education teacher, i never imagined my passion for these children and their families would lead me to this. currently i am directly involved in establishing a special needs ministry at my church. teaching sunday school with these children over the past several years as drawn out this aspect of my heart. prayerfully the Lord will have a place for me in a church one day...and until then i will trust that He will use my passion for His glory.
so, the boyfriend surprised me with favorite flowers on my birthday. beautiful tulips and a sweet message from the sweetest man i know.
and on the whirlwind tour of the upstate, ryan and i had time to enjoy the SNOW!!
our basketball team. we actually won the 5th/6th grade girls championship. they are a precious group of girls and i really enjoyed working with them (and coach ann!!) all season!

two month sabbatical.

i shamefully return to my sad and neglected blog. but i joyfully report that the two month sabbatical has been full of fun, joy, and excitement. nothing i EVER anticipated when writing my last post in December! so, since my last visit to beingmolded much has happened.
where to even begin...
-i acquired a small blemish on the inside of my right ankle
(some would call it a tattoo!)
-i had a blind date
-i celebrated the end of 2009 and opened the beginning of 2010. best new years ever at the pond with wonderful columbia friends. camping in the freezing cold. fireworks. cartwheels. games. music and dancing. a night to remember!
-i had a first date...with the blind date
-i had a second date...with the blind date
-i took the blind date to this point we've stopped counting the number of dates
-in the first week of 2010 i hung out with my blind date...better known as ryan roberts...6/7 nights. and in that time, i knew that i had found something special
-started back to work...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
-continued (assistant) coaching 5th and 6th grade girls basketball
-ran a half marathon in charleston with favorite friend, ashley gray
-fell in love with the blind date
-took the blind date home to meet mom and dad
-babysat for the first time since middle school...and relearned the art of super mario brothers
-committed to speaking at conference for the SC Respite Coalition (what?!!?!)
-went to florida to meet the blind date's family...chaperoned by hank
-spoke at conference for the SC Respite Coalition on behalf of starting a special needs ministry at first presbyterian church; confirming my passion for such a thing to happen as soon as possible; Lord not my will but yours be done
-celebrated another year...birthday 29 was extra special with friends AND family
-was culturally enriched at the peace center with my first viewing of Wicked
-introduced the blind date to many best friends in greenville
-loved a REAL snow for the first time in years
-enjoyed a FOUR day weekend, thanks to the u.s. presidents
-continued to fall in love with the blind date
-celebrated a roommate's batchelorette weekend and prepared heart and mind for her to leave roommate-ville for a husband (yah for future mr and mrs ryan reedy!)
-watched the west wing of barwick street turn another page...along with the rest of us...

that about sums up the past 2 months. a little this, a little that. but i am so grateful to have had 2 months FULL of grace and joy and abundance from the Lord...from friends, family, and a new found love. i am beyond humbled at the abundance the Lord has provided thus far in 2010 and anticipate much more in the days and months to come. i see His provision. i see His making beauty from ashes. i see His grace upon grace upon grace. and i love it. words cannot describe the fullness of my heart on this first day of march 2010.

stay tuned for many more exciting events in the days to come...
and i promise to be more committed to updating to the faithful

"Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus, throughout all generations, forever and ever. amen" ephesians 3:20.21

Friday, December 25, 2009


"on Him we have set our hope..." 2 corinthians 1:10
biblical hope is described as the consequence and expression of faith; it is not wishful thinking but an absolute confidence in God's promises for the future, based on his faithfulness in the past.
(taken from esv study bible)

i have seen and tasted hope in a new form during 2009. during a season of darkness the Lord has shown me that His love and grace and mercy never fail. that He is the rock, my redeemer. that He gives in abundance and His ways are always higher than mine. the hope found in Christ is better than anything i could put my hope in on earth. so, i am thankful. i am thankful for a Savior. one who gives and loves and promises life everlasting. i am thankful for new beginnings.
for redemption. for Him who gives us hope.
"the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
His mercies never come to an end.
they are new every morning. great is your faithfulness."
lamentations 3:22.23

behold, the lamb of God.

"she shall bring forth a son, and thou shall call His name Jesus;

for He shall save His people from their sins" Matthew 1:21

after you read your bible today, take the time to listen to this album.

it will change the way you experience Christmas and will encourage
your heart to rejoice in Christ on the day of His birth.

Gather round, ye children, come;

listen to the old, old story

of the power of death undone

by an infant born of glory:

Son of God, Son of man.

So, sing out with joy, for the brave little boy,

who was God but he made himself nothing.

He gave up his pride, and came here to die like a man.

So rejoice, ye children, sing. And remember, now, His mercy.

And, sing out with joy, for the brave little boy, is our Savior:

Son of God, Son of man,